Monday, December 24, 2012

Michel Fiffe Talks COPRA!

It seems like COPRA is heavily inspired by John Ostrander's classic run on Suicide you feel like COPRA diverges from Suicide Squad in major ways, such as the way that it seems Man-Head and Marty are family men doing a job rather than imprisoned supervillains?

Sure, I'm only using the Ostrander set up and a starting point, as a way to go off in different directions within a solid framework.

Something I find highly interesting about COPRA is the way that you're writing, illustrating, and producing it, all yourself. How do you feel about being the singular creator of COPRA? 

I honestly don't know any other way to do it. Stuffing envelopes, that may be the one thing I may have to get help on.

What was the decision making process like for embarking on this ambitious project of singlehandedly producing a continuing, monthly series? 

It seemed like the next natural step, despite the intimidating nature of the schedule. Now that it's at the point of no return, I'm too busy to freak out.

Do you envision COPRA continuing beyond it's first year of 12 issues?

 Maybe, it really depends on how the first 12 are received.

Do you have any other projects in the works that you want to talk about? 

Zegas is my other comic series with a cast that's less hyperbolically brutal but still very close to my heart. I ultimately want to work on both comics back to back.

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